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Estate Trustee: Applying for the Certificate of Appointment

Probate This is the follow up post to our April 28, 2013, blog post, about the ‘Probate’ process, what is now called Application for a Certificate of Appointment of the Estate Trustee.  Making the application to the Estates Court is not a  →

When a Real Estate Transaction Goes Off the Rails

Real Estate   There are numerous reasons why a real estate transaction may go ‘off the rails’ on the closing date or just before.  Lawyer Bob Aaron wrote an article in the Toronto Star recently that discussed a case where a transaction  →

I am the Estate Trustee Do I Have to Probate the Will?

Estate Trustee As a Wills and Estates lawyer, I can tell you that there are many misconceptions about the role of a Will in dealing with a person’s estate and the process that is most often referred to as ‘Probate’.  The simple definition of  →

Family Law and the Definition of ‘Common Law Spouse’

common law spouse   If you live with someone without being married, you are considered to be in a common-law relationship.  There is no single definition for common-law spouse as the definition changes depending on the reason you are asking the question. For  →

Real Estate Lawyer Fees in Toronto

real estate lawyer fees Bob Aaron is a fellow real estate lawyer and has been a Toronto Star columnist for many years.  Bob wrote a recent article arguing that “legal fees are the best consumer bargain in the entire real estate transaction”.  The article can  →

Real Estate Purchase: What is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance In a post I wrote on my colleagues’ website at, I noted that one expense that a real estate purchaser must consider is Title Insurance.   I am often asked ‘what is title insurance?’.  While title insurance is not a requirement in Ontario, we purchase  →

Estate Planning: 5 Reasons to do Your Will Now

wills1 I would never suggest that doing your Will is an ‘emergency’, however, there are literally dozens of reasons to get it done sooner rather than later.  Your Will is critical to your estate plan.  Whether you are rich or poor, single  →

Toronto Law Firm Opens Doors!

Law and Justice Birenbaum Gottlieb Professional Corporation opened its doors on Monday, January 14, 2013.  Located in Toronto at 951 Wilson Ave., Suite 21, the firm continues to serve the local Downsview community and the Greater Toronto Area as its senior partner, Isaac Birenbaum,  →